Tears-McFarlane House


The Tears-McFarlane house, a fashionable Denver mansion built at the turn of the 20th century, is prominently sited on the north edge of Cheesman Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

It was designed by the important Denver architectural firm of Varian and Sterner, a partnership that specialized in the Neoclassical and Colonial Revival style from the 1890’s through 1901. Architecturally, the 8700 square-foot house is among the best residential examples of the Colonial Revival Style in Colorado.

While the Tears-McFarlane house is historically significant primarily for its architecture, it is also significant for its association with the development and settlement of the Capitol Hill and Cheesman Park communities in Denver.

The revitalized Tears-McFarlane House is expected to include food and beverage components, special events space, and potential office space featuring a collaborative work environment for predominately non-profit service organizations.

The project will seek to integrate various civic, commercial, and special event spaces with great public spaces.