rod Wagner city street investors denver Colorado

Rod Wagner  is a founding member and principal of City Street Investors.  He and his partners have acquired renovated and repositioned numerous commercial and residential properties, with a particular focus on retail, restaurant and historic buildings.  In many cases, Rod and his partners created and operate restaurants in these properties, all custom crafted to meet the needs and desires of the neighborhood.

Rod’s role in the company is multi-faceted.  Possessing a broad background in real estate and restaurant management and operations, Rod is responsible in part for managing the design criteria for properties that are acquired, to assure that redevelopment opportunities that the company participates in align with both the neighborhoods in which they are located, as well as the goals of the company. Rod has built strong relationships of trust throughout the City of Denver Planning and Building Departments, providing an essential liaison between the company and various governmental agencies.

Rod is frequently tasked as general contractor and project manager for many of the firm’s projects, including virtually all of the restaurant projects.  He is involved from acquisition, to conception, design, sourcing architectural materials, equipment layout as well as pushing the completion of the construction through on schedule, up to completion and opening.

A partner in Denver Union Station, Rod was responsible for assuring the timely completion of the project.  In particular, Rod was the project manager of the third party tenant base building construction, and was completely responsible for the oversight and management of construction for the company owned and operated restaurants Acme Burger and Brats Corporation, Pigtrain Coffee Company and Milkbox Ice Creamery

Rod is also involved in the daily management of the firm’s restaurant operations, including marketing, branding and, setting the culture throughout the portfolio to deliver the best guest experience and to maintain alignment with the City Street Investor’s vision for its place in the Denver Community.

As a resident of Denver’s West Highland neighborhood for nearly thirty years, Rod has been particularly interested and instrumental in improving the face of this community.  In fact, Rod gets the credit for kicking–it-all-off, as he identified the opportunity to redevelop 32nd and Lowell which first brought the partners of City Street Investors together.