Edgewater colorado city street investors

The intersection of West 25th Ave. and Gray St. holds an important place in Edgewater’s history. Although the Eastern section of West 25th Ave. nearest Sheridan Boulevard has long been the primary commercial area, the West 25th Ave. and Gray St. intersection has been, in many respects, Edgewater’s unofficial Town Square.

Once or currently home to the library, the Rec. Center, the Fire Department, City Hall, the Police Station, the local pharmacy and the local grocery, the location has long been at the center of Edgewater’s civic life. These buildings are currently under renovation and when complete, will house our second Pizzeria Forte location as well as an ice cream manufacturing facility. While a new Civic Center for the City will open soon, we believe - and recommend - that West 25th Ave. and Gray St. should be developed so that it can continue to be a place for Edgewater’s citizens to participate in civic life - a public, shared place away from both home and work where they can engage spontaneously or regularly with fellow citizens and spend time with friends and family in the company of their community - in short, a sort of “Town Square”.