Knowledge, skill, and experience activate together with City Street Investors. Understanding the personality of the property, the community and neighborhood, as well as collaboration and smart partnerships– these are all ingredients in the projects we curate. Our own creativity peaks when we see what the community desires and we see a way to make that connection between local preservation and the neighborhoods that have been built by generations. Then we jump into action to create good in the world.



We have a sophisticated understanding of urban and infill  development and redevelopment opportunities, including sourcing, acquiring, entitling, concepting, financing, developing and management.  Embedded throughout this process is a creative effort we term “Custom Crafting”. Our in-depth knowledge of the market enables us to custom craft projects to the needs and desires of the neighborhood, ensuring not only the financial success of the investment, but creating value in the community overall.

north county city street investors


Our investments are known for their transformative impact.  We achieve these results by creating compelling positioning strategies and, where appropriate, by partnering financially with key tenants.  While we invest in all product types, we have highly specialized competence in retail & restaurant projects.  Our retail sensibility includes expertise in merchandising, positioning, and packaging. In fact we apply these perspectives to all our investments, including multifamily and other non-retail investments, which in turn makes them stand out as truly exceptional.


Forming joint venture with partners who have particular expertise, is a key component of our investment strategy and helps ensure both near and long term success.  Most notable we have formed joint ventures with talented chefs and managers in many of our almost two dozen restaurants. We are able not only to provide financing, but operational support, including accounting, human resources and managerial expertise.  This approach has resulted in a strong track record of building lasting, mutually profitable relationships.



Not only are we able to discover extraordinary and sometimes unconventional investment opportunities, we are able to tailor the structures of our partnerships, financing and even the project itself to achieve exceptional results.