lohi steakbar city street investors

We are long-term investors who recognize that our buildings and businesses are deeply important to their neighborhoods and we believe that their presence should bring people together and make them happier.

We trust that the greatest value is created when  an investment correlates with the needs of the community, and actually makes it a better place to live and work.

Because we believe in investing in a neighborhood as a whole, we are not product specific.  Multi-family, retail, office, restaurants and even self-storage – we’ve applied our creative approach to all of these business types.

We understand the difference between pure financial value and overall economic value to the community and know that we don’t have to compromise to create both.


  • Long term perspectives

  • Quality

  • Creativity

  • Aged & Historic buildings

  • Authentic neighborhoods

  • Genuine hospitality

  • Great design

  • Our tenants

  • Our customers